Having a job

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A lot of students at George Bush High School have a job while they are still studying. Does their job affect their education? Well, for 12 grader Jacqueline Mendoza it does not affect her one bit.

“Work does not affect my education because they work with me and give me hours that work with my school hours.” said Jacky.

A lot of jobs really help students out. It might not be a lot, but they try to give students hours that does not affect their school hours. They also let them do their homework while they are at work, and if some students are not passing some classes, their boss or someone big at their store talk to them so they could get back in track with their education.

Having a job is not really a bad thing because it helps students be responsible and manage their own money. It also helps students network and build up confidence by interacting with customers.

By G.O.


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