Reckless Driving in the School Parking Lot

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Reckless driving in the student parking lot is becoming a serious issue. It has been putting student lives in danger and the other cars parked in the lot in danger too.  If you do get caught you will get fined and won’t be able to park in the lot anymore.

Its also becoming an issue after school at places such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Wing stop. It is not safe. you are out in public putting everyone’s life in danger including yours. Some students had a few words to say about this situation.

“I believe BHS students and teenagers in general are run by ignorance and there for we want to show off by who has the best car , the fastest car, the best speaker,etc. The faster we get out of here the faster we get home,” Senior Christian Fuentes said.

“I feel that students in this school don’t think about what can happen around them. They think by going fast, they’ll get to their destination safe,” Gildardo Ortega said.

“Its ridiculous. BHS students need more awareness when it comes to driving,” said Sophomore Madison Bodwin.

By W.F.


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