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Where are you going this Christmas?

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Students at George Bush High School plan going on trips during the Christmas vacation.  For example, Gil Rocha says he will go to Michioacan Mexico were he will have plenty of great experiences like he has had in past consecutive years. Especially for Christmas break.

“I can’t wait to go. I’ve been  anticipating this trip for the longest. I’m so excited its finally here,” said Rocha.

Other students won’t leave the States, but will still go out of town. Lesly Morales says she will be leaving Houston and going to Arizona, Vegas, and California in a matter of a week.

“Sure, it is a lot of traveling, but hey, I just need to get away, you know,” said Morales.

In other cases, George Bush High School students won’t leave Houston for the holidays, but that won’t keep them from having fun and spending a great time with their families. Also having a job may be a priority.

“Doubling up on shifts for extra holiday money is great,” Timothy Jones said.

By C.F.

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Where are you going this Christmas?