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Law enforcement at BHS

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The world is a very dangerous place filled with many crazy people that find pleasure in harming others.

Officer Pocasangre and the rest of the officers here at BHS serve day after day to keep us safe from threats inside and outside the school.

“People think that just because we work here at the school that we’re not real police officers. That is not true. I still do things that other officers do; I still put my life on the line to protect the people in the school just as any other officer would outside of the school,” said Officer Pocasangre.

Not many people appreciate the protection we have and they take it for granted, but these are the people that could one day save our lives from something like a school shooting.

“I know we may not be the most appreciated faculty here because we enforce the rules, but I know that these kids may need us one day, whether they realize it or not , so I am content with being here and being able to keep an eye on them,” said Officer Pocasangre.

You may one day need their help so try to appreciate it.

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Law enforcement at BHS