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New Years Resolutions

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The beginning of a new year can be very overwhelming.  Some may want to accomplish a lot of things, but not know where to start.  “I’m planning on moving out and getting a car 2018; I’m just waiting on my tax money. The rest, I got it saved up and planned out,” said Tania Rodriguez.

Others keep it simple, such as keeping their grades up, getting a summer job, going out more, going to the gym, and focusing more on themselves etc.

Many people have it differently, and they eventually have to take certain decisions to fill in certain needs in their life. Therefore a New Year’s resolution can either be very overwhelming or the start of a new journey.

“As long as you stay consistent and dedicated you shouldn’t even wait for a New Years resolution. Don’t start next year; start today with the little thing in your life. That’s a great start,” Noe Esquiviel said.

By C.F.

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New Years Resolutions