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New Year Resolutions for 2018

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Have you ever given up on a New Years resolution by the end of January? Does it seem like it could be impossible to reach your 2018 goals? Chances are that you have, and you are not alone. Most people give up on new year resolutions because of a goal that is to hard or can’t be completed in a short period of time.

Some tips for making new year resolutions that are easy to keep are:

1. Make only one or two resolutions. It would be easier to complete a resolution when there are less things to change.

2. Avoid previous resolutions.  ( If you have to achieve a previous resolution, change how you approached your goal. )

3. Customize your resolutions to fit into your schedule.

4. Break your goal into sub-goals that can that can be achieved within a reasonable time.

5. Give yourself a treat every time you achieve one of your sub-goals. (If you fall behind on your sub-goals then reevaluate how to incorporate your goal into your day to day life.)

6. Tell your friends and family about your goals. You’re more likely to get support and want to avoid failure.

7. Make a list or mark a calendar to keep track of your sub-goals.

8. Expect to revert to your old habits from time to time. Don’t give up after the first setback. A setback is normal and does not mean you failed to accomplish your resolution.

Many students have different types of resolutions ranging from academic to their personal life.

“My 2018 resolution is to get better grades. I want to accomplish them by going to tutorials and asking for help when I need to,” said, Sophomore, Yanci Venture.

The most common new year resolutions are more customized to a certain aspect of a person’s life.

“I want to get in shape and learn more Spanish. I will cut out one junk food item at a time throughout the year and start going to the gym. I will also tell my family my goals so I will be accountable to them and get the support I need,” said, Sophomore, Nesani Castillo.

Resolutions are unique to every individual, but these tips are helpful and can be used almost universally to accomplish any goal.

By C.S.

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New Year Resolutions for 2018