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Aaliyah Rhodes

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Aaliyah Rhodes, a sophomore student, thinks it is important to be a part of AVID.  It motivates her and help to prepare her for the future and college. She is a hard working AVID member and does whatever it takes to complete all types of assignments given to her.

“Being in AVID pushes you to no limit! Being part helps me see the perspective of how I am going to be in college and what I will be facing, like the professor or how more strict it is than high school.” said Rhodes.

She tells the different types of methods AVID teaches for college. She says how it stimulates students to work on a higher level than they are already. Note taking, visits to other school, and strong relationships with teachers and students.

“It’s not always about working on college, but it helps you meet your full potential to achieve success. AVID helps me gain confidence in what I want to achieve and made me more determine than I ever had been.” said Rhodes.

Aaliyah Rhodes enjoys being in AVID and it has helped her to see herself better. She tells about how it benefits in what you do and how it changed herself.

“AVID makes sure that I’m not slacking from my grades in school, it helped me to always find a way to reach myself higher.” said Rhodes.

By J.P.

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Aaliyah Rhodes