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Attendance & Credit Recovery

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Attendance is always going to be important, whether its for school or work, but there are consequences for being late or not showing up at all. Ms. Diana Ochoa, George Bush High School’s attendance clerk, explains how student attendance is important to the school.

“Attendance is important because that’s how the school and the district receive their funding. For each child, we get a particular amount of money. If you look at school as a business, the student has to be present in order for us to get funding; they have to be on campus at 10 o’clock when we take attendance for funding purposes. The state reimburses FBISD for every student, so the bigger the school is the more money it gets.”, said Mrs.Ochoa.

The consequence for tardies are:

1-2 Tardy: Warning

3rd Tardy: 1 lunch detention

4th Tardy: 2 lunch detention

5th Tardy: 4 lunch detention

(Parent/Student conference with AP and Behavioral Contract signed by all parties)

6th Tardy: 1 day ISS

(Principal Approval needed before placement)

7th Tardy: 1 day ISS

(Additional Parent Conference with AP (prior Principal Approval needed))

8th Tardy+: Mandatory Principal/ Parent/ Student conference

Ms. Ebony Washington, George Bush High School dropout prevention and recovery case worker, explains what credit recovery is and how to regain hours back in class that have been lost due to multiple tardies and/or low attendance.

“The House Bill of  5 Rules states that a student must be in 90% of attendance that the classes offer. For this particular school year, the fall semester was originally 80 days, but because we had Hurricane Harvey, 10 of the days were taken away so we only had 70 days worth of instruction time and 10% that you can be away is 7 days weather excused or unexcused because it’s seat time. It doesn’t matter if it’s excused or not. So on that eighth absent they have to make up their hours so we run a report per class period, and anyone more than 8 absences will have to regain credit back. So if a student has 12 days in which whey were marked absent 7 from that is 5 so they have to do 5 hours in that course subject area to get it back. So if you lost 5 hours in English you need to 5 hours in English. You can’t go to a math class or ROTC; you have to do subject by subject,” said Ms.Washington.

Ms.Washington explains what truancy is and what the consequences for it could be.

“Truancy is unexcused absences. Anytime that you were marked absent in a particular teachers class and you don’t have an excuse of why you were marked absent then you become truant. The state of Texas pays for your education so they want to know why you haven’t been coming to school. At that point any unexcused absences, 10 or more, you can be referred to truancy court, but we do a lot of interventions on campus to avoid that. We don’t just arbitrarily file truancy on someone, we try to find out why they’re being marked unexcused absences,” said Ms. Washington.

Ms.Washington shares some experiences she’s had in helping kids avoid truancy.

“I’ve called  students every morning to wake them up and make sure they catch the bus. I’ve had students who are affected by Harvey and live in places such as Pearland, Humble, and Katy. We will get them a ride to school so that they get here on time.”

She finishes with one last piece of advice on how to avoid credit recovery and truancy.

“Come to school each and every day, don’t get marked absent, and don’t skip school! Attendance counts, or what we call the here at Bush, “Team No Sleep.”

By I.B.

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