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Dance Team

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Jamie Flores, one of the dance member tells about taking dance class next year! She tells how this class helps with her credit and course. She tells about how this course makes her improve her body structure and manage to make her body feel more free.

“This class helps me to manage how my body works and what I can do to show the different dance techniques.” said Jamie Flores, junior.

She says about how much this class also helps benefit your body work. You can have fun and also keep your body in a healthier form. This class helps improve your flexibility by stretching and also helping those tight limbs to feel relieved.

“A lot of students here are mostly busy at home, so when you take dance class you have time to care for your body. Like if you do exercise or yoga, you can do it here better.” said Flores.

This class has helped her in many ways and she is proud that she took this course class. She wants to become a famous choreographer and this has helped her to become better at what she does. This has pushed her to step up in dancing and makes her feel more confident in what she does.

“I feel like taking this class has made me one step more in achieving my goal in what I want to do for my career. This is one of my class that I am proud of taking.” said Flores.

By J.F.


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Dance Team