Modern Day Slavery

On the week of January 22 to January 26, 2018, Student Council did a week of Human Trafficking Awareness to hopefully spread awareness about it. On Monday, the officers wore paper handcuffs to represent how Human Trafficking is the modern day slavery. On Tuesday, they marked X’s on every ninth persons hand entering the building to symbolize 1 in ever 9 people are affected by human trafficking. On Wednesday, they marked X’s on their faces and had signs to represent “The Voice of the Voiceless” and weren’t allowed to talk, which represents that the victims of human trafficking don’t usually speak up. On Thursday, Officers used makeup to show bruises on the face and arms to show a visual representation of the abuse and to really get people’s attention.

Alan Huerta, Senior, explains how this is significant for people to learn about.

“Human trafficking awareness week was graphic and out-there enough to get most students asking “why?”, which is a great thing. A lot of students were asking questions about what we were doing and it was easier for us to spread awareness of human trafficking. The impact of our week was fairly large, although because we didn’t have many people participating in the week, we didn’t spread awareness to as many people as we could’ve,” said Huerta.

Daisy Mayorga, Junior, talks about how she thinks this impacted students at Bush.

“We believe that the week heavily impacted Bush. The students really saw how bad and serious human trafficking is. From just learning facts about them to seeing these displays of bruising on their peers, it really took a toll in their mind,” said Mayorga.

Angel Falon, Junior, describes what student council is doing to spread awareness about this topic.

“Other than this activity week, our student council has made numerous posters around the school stating facts, we’ve also made videos of skits that show the different kinds of trafficking. We’ve made a mural of a hand with the human trafficking hotline, and have put the hotline in the bathroom stalls where students have the privacy to take a number and dial. This year we’re utilizing the morning announcements more for spreading awareness,” said Falon.

Keep supporting our Student Council and help spread awareness about human trafficking.