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Senioritis, its a plague, and almost every single senior has caught it throughout the school year. Senioritis is the gradual loss of ambition and drive to do schoolwork or actually try in school, and the majority of it happens at the end of he school-year near graduation.

“I’ve definitely started to slack on my work lately, its just with the end so near it becomes harder to try I guess, I’ve been staying after school to catch up on a lot of my work but ROTC also takes up a lot of my time.” Senior, John Sanchez said.

If you ever need more time to catch up you can always check the many tutorial schedules posted on teachers doors, Make sure to stay focused these next few weeks seniors, and if you ever need some help there are plenty of people who would be willing to help, like your counselors or even your fellow peers! P.U.S.H. prays for students if you’re ever in dire need of some moral support. Stay focused and don’t let those grades drop seniors!


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