Girls Varsity Soccer Bush v. Austin

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, the girls Varsity team played against the Austin Bulldogs. They gave it their best shot but unfortunately they lost with a score of 1-0. A few girls had somethings to say about this game.

Irlanda Vega, Sophomore, talks about the highlights of the game.

“Two highlights from the game were when Mercy Lawson and Daisy Mayorga’s runs, they were both extremely close to scoring but fouled on at the very last second,” said Vega.

Emma Larios, Junior, says how the season is going.

“The season has been fun, and we have made a lot of memories. We are bonding as a family and developing closer relationships with each other. We can always work harder and we definitely have a lot of space for improvement, but we’re going to put our heart and soul into the rest of these games,” said Larios.

Lizbeth Rivera, Freshman, talks about what they can do to get better.

“We need to work on communication and trust. Talking during the game is important so all of the players on the field know what is going on. We need to rely on each other to help s during the game because that’s what a team is for,” said Rivera.

By V.N.