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Jennifer Flores

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Photojournalism is a class that will excite you more about taking pictures. It brings out a whole new idea of what’s more to the picture that you take. It shows what you feel and think through the pictures you take. School events or any eye catching public events can be taken in this class and turned into a photo story. This class helps you to improve your skills for taking pictures and teaches you different ways to make your photos better. You get to learn how top photographers do their photos and you get to learn their tricks behind them.

Photojournalism class can push you to do great photos and be able to show other students and staff members. It’s a fun environment to be around and interact with those around you. This course can be a fun experience for you to go through and enjoy your time at school. It benefits you to reach that business career your trying to reach! If you love to tell a story through photos, then come and take this course, Photojournalism.

By J.F.

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