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Torres: Girls Soccer Defender

Jennifer Flores, Catherinne Torres

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Catherinne Torres, sophomore, is a team player on the girl’s soccer team. She puts a lot of effort and work in her games. She tries in any way she can to make her team better. Catherinne enjoys the games more than the practices she is put through. She tells about the life of being part of the team and how it changed her life.

“I have to be able to push myself to be better in the game and push myself more to keep going. I have to also be able to keep with the other soccer players as well.” said Torres.

She plays as the defender of the team and uses her skills that she knows to make she keeps her team safe. She makes sure to defend her team from the opponents of trying to get a goal in.

“I’m the defender of the team so I make sure the other team can’t come close to our goal. It’s a hard position but I do my best to defend my team. I practice and use skills I learn in the games.” said  Torres.

Being on the team keeps her in check with herself. She is able to manage how her grades are and not fail any of her classes. She can benefit from being on the team because it’s a motivation to “Keep up your grades up or you get kick off the team.” It pushes her past her limits and to make sure her grades stay on top.

“Being on the team helps me realize that even when I think I’ve given it my all I can still give more and continue doing the task given. I don’t ever see myself failing, only getting better in what I’m doing. It was one of the best choices I made to be part of the soccer team.” said Torres.

Being on the team has improved Catherinne to do better in her skills to play and her grades!

By J.F.

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Torres: Girls Soccer Defender