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Pinks Drag Racing

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Pinks Drag Racing is an event that shows people racing other cars and the winner takes the other persons car. This is also a Reality T.V. show All the car fanatics out there this is the T.V. show for them Its really interesting some drag races are too close to call who wins so they get into arguments and fights. Some seniors had some stuff to say about Pinks Drag Racing.

“I used to watch this show a lot, and one day I hope they come to Houston to experience it live.” said senior Chris Mendez.

“I still watch this show until today in my free time. It’s really entertaining and when you see all the mods and customizations people have done to their car than you can also get an idea if you want to do something similar to that.” Said senior, Giobani Mendez.

” I love watching pinks drag racing. I used to even watch it in class, and hopefully when they come out to Houston, I’ll be attending the event.” said senior, Luciano Marchiano.

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Pinks Drag Racing