Stuco State Officers: District Meeting

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, Student Council went on a District meeting at Deer Park High School. During the meeting they had a speaker and they learned about signs of abuse and human trafficking. They also voted for next year’s state officers for student council. They had a great time and had a few words to say about it.

Ashley Arellano, Junior, talks about what she liked most about the meeting.

“What I enjoyed the most from this meeting is the unity that was presented within all the leaders and members, and how all of us being this young, can still come together and have a great impact and provide ideas to each other that could possibly change the world, whether that is in or out of school,” said Arellano.

Emily Hernandez, Junior, talks about what she gained from being at this district meeting.

“I learned that human trafficking is a really big deal that no one seems to address. Now that I learned about the signs and what it looks like in people, I can keep an eye out to make sure none of my peers are being affected by human trafficking. They could be suffering and no one will even know,” said Hernandez.

Jeffery Moisant, Junior, says how he thinks this information he learned will affect him in his future.

“We can possibly change the world and make such a big impact with what we learned. I will be a more involved student in my school and district and be able to make a more informed decision on important issues. I will be more aware of my surroundings and more cautious about things,” said Moisant.