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Tx2k Royal Purple

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Royal Purple is hosting one of the biggest car events in Texas called Tx2k. People from all over the United States come to Houston to participate in the show and in the race. Before the show in Royal Purple there were a lot of pre-meets and. Those were to let people know about what was going to happen before the actual day.

Eduardo Magana Former Tx2k organizer had a very good feeling with the show. ” Its pretty nice when I see how people bring their built cars to a show thats been happening for years,” said Eduardo.

After the meets, everyone headed to Royal Purple so that they could show their cars and race legally without putting innocent people in danger.

Chris Mendez Tx2k visitor loved how the people get along with everybody and compliment each other’s cars or trucks. “When I come to this show I feel good because all the people treats everybody like family,” said Chris.

While in the show, there were people from all different states. There were people from California, Florida and from North Carolina. People that come from different states get to see how the Royal Purple family treats them, like a family.

By G.O.

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Tx2k Royal Purple