Varsity Baseball Takes on Arkansas

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The Boys Varsity Baseball team took a trip to Arkansas for their 3-day tournament and came back with a dub as well as a trophy! The team spent the weekend in Arkansas getting to know each other better through team bonding and they also came prepared for the tournament.

Junior, Dalen Hudson, explains how the tournament was judged and he also talks about his experience with team bonding.

“The tournament took place in Arkansas. We stayed in cabins that were in the woods for a team bonding experience with our teammates. The team stayed there from Thursday till Sunday. There was 1 tournament, but there were 3 games within the tournament. It was a double elimination tournament, which means that losing 2 games would get your team eliminated. The Varsity baseball team ended up winning 3 games back to back won the tournament as a whole. We brought home a trophy and our MVP’s brought home plaques for their performance,” said Hudson.

Senior, Adrian Mejia, elaborates on what led to the teams victory and talks about the progress the team has made throughout the season.

“During the tournament, we went undefeated. The defense was on point and I think that was what led us to the championship. I think the trip to Arkansas brought the team closer together because we got to know each other better. As for the season, unfortunately we haven’t won a single game so far. During our last game we got run ruled, which means that we lost by more than 10 before the 5th inning. This just shows that we have a lot to work on in order to improve,” said Mejia.

Junior, Angel Banegas, talks about his thoughts on how the season will turn out.

“I feel like the season is off to a rough start, but I know we will push through. If we practice on our hitting mechanics, then we should get better in no time,” said Banegas.

Mario Perez, Junior, talks about his thoughts on the outcome of the tournament and how team bonding has helped the team grow closer.

“We went to Arkansas from March 8-March 11 and we actually went undefeated in the tournament. Our defense was definitely on top of their game during the tournament which was what helped us win. We only made 3 errors in the tournament and everyone showed out to play. Our pitching was really good as well. As for the team bonding, it went very well. Since there was no signal in the cabins, we got to focus more on getting to know one another. The season isn’t turning our as expected, but I have high hopes and no doubt that we will bounce right back,” said Perez.

The baseball season has started so make sure you show up and show our to support our Broncos!

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