Do You Want To Be An Illusion?

Try-outs for the Illusion Dance team start on Monday, April 2nd, 2018. In order to qualify to try-out, you need to stop by the dance room and pick up a try-out packet. The packet contains information that will be essential for your try-outs, so read through it thoroughly.

The try-out process is pretty lengthy. On Monday and Tuesday you’ll learn a two minute dance taught by the dance officers of next year. In the try-out dance, there will be all the technique skills in your packet such as, a calypso leap, double pirouette turn, fan kick, etc. On Wednesday you’ll be able to ask any more questions you have on the dance and the dance officers will go more into depth with the counts and technique. On Thursday, you’ll try out for the dance in groups of three in front of judges. If the judges would like to see you perform the dance again, they might call you back for a call back. Call backs aren’t bad; it’s another opportunity for you to show what you can do. Friday is when you will find out whether you made the team or not.

If you have any more questions please email Ms. Oliver at [email protected]

By T.P.