Avid Carnival

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, Avid hosted their annual carnival. The purpose is to raise money for them to go on college field trips and to bring the school and the community together. Many people show up each year and this year was just as successful as every other year.

Ms. Owens, one of the avid sponsors, explained how she thought it went.

“The students did a good job of advertising and getting set up. The down sides were probably the logistics of it all. The new set of doors in the front made it harder to get tables out and it took longer than anticipated,” Owens said.

She also explains what could’ve been changed to make it better.

“I would really like to have the community more involved rather than just the school. Usually we get the interest of drive by traffic because they see we are doing something and they stop by. I think the organizations in the school should get more involved. We usually only have a couple clubs participate and I wish it could be more,” Owens said.

Mr.Blome, Art teacher, had a booth at the AVID carnival and wanted to share his experience.

“I had a booth for the Do Something club. We sold fried oreos. Although it was very windy, it went very well. I think it is a fun experience and I would do it again next year. It is good to support the school and it gives the students a small idea of what it is like to start a business one day,” Blome said.

Linda Fulcher, Junior, went and described what she liked about the carnival.

“My favorite booth was the horse riding one; you got to ride horses. I thought it was a very unique experience and it was different from the other booths,” Fulcher said.

She further explains how she thinks it impacts the school and a student’s perspective of what could be improved.

“Everyone was very upbeat and happy. We got to see our classmates in a more relaxed situation and not worrying about school. For next year they should have a booth with drinks because everyone focused on food and so everyone was very thirsty. I recommend everyone go at least once, it is fun and it isn’t as expensive as a regular carnival but gives a similar experience,” Fulcher said.

By V.N.