StuCo Leads Anti-Violence Campaign

It’s the fight to end gun violence in schools. In light of recent school walkouts that cause a disruption from class time and were viewed negatively upon by schools, Student Council wanted to do something different that would send a positive message with the same impact and emotion. From April 4th through April 18th Student Council will be holding a backpack drive for the anti-school violence campaign. They are asking for empty, new or gently used backpacks to be donated so that they may create a memorial to honor all the students who have died due to gun violence on campuses from the 1990’s to now. Each backpack signifies a student whose life was cut too short due to gun violence on school campuses, and each will have a student’s information, their age, as well as the campus they were attending.

“Just like you might see a soldier’s memorial on a base with boots, kevlar -which is the military helmet- and then a rifle to show victims or soldiers that have fallen in combat. We decided to do that, but with backpacks,” said Mrs. Hallie Baldwin, the Student Council advisor.

After the memorial, the backpacks will be part of a service project and donated to a program that will give them to disadvantaged children whether that be here in America, or Puerto Rico. The drop off points are rooms L127, C104 or the Library.

Student Council planned a week of awareness ideas and activities. On Monday, April 16th students are encouraged to wear orange to campus. On Tuesday, April 17th the poster campaign will commence, students would be able to create their own posters to support the end of gun violence in schools across the nation and join a walk in the cafeteria or donate their posters. The walk will take place in both A and B lunches, Wednesday, April 18. The final event will be on Thursday, April 19th, the Write for Lives which will occur during 3rd period. Students will be able to write those who represent them, either through state, congressional office or to senators to show students’ point of view, and so that they have a say in what they want the politicians who represent them to do about gun violence.

“Hunters will wear an orange bright color to show that they’re there. So we’re trying to show to our government that here is who’s coming to vote in the next couple of years. Seniors right now could be voting; juniors will be voting in a year; and that this is an issue that matters to the school age population,” said Mrs. Baldwin.

By I.B.