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Despite Barack Obama being previous president deporting the most of immigrants in the U.S., 2017 presidential elections dealing under Donald Trump’s presidency just got worse. With the ideal of making “America Great Again” and deporting as many immigrants, its a very controversial act. Just like there are bad people so there are good, and not every immigrant is bad. It is right before Trump’s eyes. Take a look at whose doing all the hard labor around, constructing the Trump buildings and cooking for its staff as well as cleaning and maintenance.

Blaming the whole world will not fix the problem, but seeing the perspective in the surroundings will. The U.S. was built on immigrants and just like certain ethnicitys that Trump likes to point out, other races have deal with the same cases, yet not the same outcome happens.

Now that the future is in his hands, he has to see that if doing certain actions will turn out the way he planned it. There are many student immigrants with a great cause and purpose in the United States. Not only will that hurt the economy in the U.S., but that will also deal with splitting millions of families apart, leaving with dealing millions of young kids a future with greater issues among their own homes.

Immigration is very difficult topic to even speak about, but in the right hands, immigrants can make the United States double the great that Trump wants to make it.

By C.F.

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