National Honor Society Inductees

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National Honor Society, also known as NHS, is an organization that recognizes students who exemplify outstanding character and who prosper academically. This year, 47 students have been inducted.

Junior, Vivian Nguyen, talks about her thoughts on NHS as a new inductee.

“I am very excited to join NHS because I always looked forward to being in this organization. I am ready to learn different leadership roles and be more responsible with my time management when dealing with my volunteer hours and planning time for the meetings. The application process consisted of our past accomplishments and awards as well as what we are involved in and how we help our community. It was hard remembering all my possible accomplishments and leadership roles that I have been in. In the end, it was worth the time and effort I put into the application,” said Nguyen.

Junior, Laysha Cabeza, discusses all the big plans they have in store for next year.

“National Honor Society as whole is very organized and we always get things done during our meetings. This organization has shaped me to become a better leader at school and in the community. I’m very excited to meet the new NHS members so that the family we already have can expand with new faces. With new members, we can bring bigger and better ideas to the organization. Next year, us old members and the new inductees plan on bringing awareness to certain things that need attention at school as well as in society. Also, we plan on doing activities that will help bring the NHS family together, as we have new members,” said Cabeza.

Junior, Sonu Mitta, talks about how NHS will benefit him throughout high school and college.

“I believe I was inducted due to hard work and dedication. I also take heavy importance towards my grades and I believe it created an interest within the officers eyes. I feel quite proud because I’m entering a prestigious club which can benefit me throughout my last year of high school and my years in college. This’ll be a great learning experience for me as well!” said Mitta.

Emily Ezeani, Junior, has high hopes for the organizations as well as the new inductees.

“The feel like the NHS inductees are pretty cool. I’m excited to hear their ideas and teach them new things and keep a good name for National Honors Society. I really like how the people in this organization are nice and committed to making NHS really good. Next year, I’m hoping we could do group volunteering activities that would count as hours for NHS,” said Ezeani.

We are extremely proud of those who were selected to be in the National Honor Society. Make sure you congratulate our new inductees!

By C.B.

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