Senior future plans

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What is every senior is planning to do after high school? Some seniors really have big plans after High School, but some just don’t really care about what happens.

Some seniors already have plans on what to do after High School. Bush senior Elizabeth Mendoza said, “After graduation, I plan on going to college and to be a nurse”.

Most seniors plan on going to college, but some seniors just want to go to a technical school and then open their own business. “After graduating, I plan to open a body shop and start everything there.” said Bush senior Yobane Magana.

There are a lot of seniors that think that way about opening a business and their life with that. However there might be seniors that care about going to school and getting their life together, or  instead of continuing in school, they just think about working and not doing anything but work.

Andy Martines, senior said, “When I graduate, I plan going to the refinery and getting money, and also buying cars rebuilt them and sell them for more.”

By G.O.

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