AVID Spirit Week

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The week of April 23rd- April 25th is spirit week. Students are given themes and fun ideas on how to dress to school as a way of showing school spirit. Monday was “Achieve your dreams- PJ’s” where the students would to come to school in their pajamas. The hallways were filled with students of all grades dressed in their different pajamas with animal patterns and slippers.

“I was excited to participate in pajama day because I was comfortable all day and didn’t have to wake up so early to get ready. I got out of bed and I was already dressed.”said junior, Oluchi Fintan.

“I decided to wear a onsie. I don’t actually wear it to sleep in- but if attending Bush has taught me anything, is that you’ll need a onsie to wear to school throughout the years.” said junior student, Nabil Badaoui.

Tuesday for spirit week is “Score a scholarship- wear jersery’s” where the students dressed in their jersey’s supporting a variety of different sports and teams.

“Wearing our jersey’s is a good idea. It’s cool to pass by someone in the hallway and see that they just so happen to be wearing the same jersey as you. It was also fun to see all the different teams your friends support, things you didn’t even know they were interested in. It was definitely a conversation starter.” said junior, Malika James.

Wednesday is “College Bound! – Wear college t-shirts” where students will wear shirts from the colleges they support- or wish to attend.

“My shirt I decided to wear is from Texas A&M University. All of my siblings attended that school, and that is where I would like to go, as well as my younger sister.” said junior Journi Hodge.

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 24th, is “Dress for success- Wear business attire” Where the students of Bush High school will be dressing in their business clothes, and Friday the students will dress in college hats and sunglasses.

By D.R.

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