Cellphone Usage

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The end of the school year is right around the corner, and so are tests and reviews. But is something always distracting the students that makes them manage to leave everything last minute? Cellphones are quite the source to basically anything needed in life, but in classrooms, it is just a path to plenty of distractions for many. It is not exactly the cellphone, but what the cellphone contains such as apps and contacts through which students connect with each other on a daily basis.

These are the reasons why students can’t concentrate. But learning how to manage time with the phone usage and keeping it in pocket apparently is quite difficult for some. It could be the simple fact that young students get so comfortable with the idea of having a phone and just pulling it out whenever. This is when the teachers and staff come into play.  Since discipline may not be well established in the beginning,  this can jeopardize students later on because of the phones.

It is a whole phone cycle when dealing with cellular devices in school grounds; knowing how to manage time and keeping it pocket plays a major part; and staff trying to take up the phone every time adds to the situation. But the best thing to do is to keep the phone out of sight when phones are not supposed to be out, and if dealing with self comfort and knowing ways around certain staff teachers, well that’s on how well the relationship is with students.

But around the end of the year, if students are not ahead in academics, it is best to keep the phone out of sight until the load for assignments can actually be carried through.

By C.F.

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