Seniors after high school

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2018 George Bush Seniors are about to be part of the real world after graduation. Seniors have to start thinking of what they are going to do in life. Some plan on just starting to work and others plan on continuing their education, such as going to college.

“When I graduate I plan on going to college and study what I need so that I could open my own business.” said Senior Bush Andy Martines. Knowing what he wants, Andy stays dedicated to do what he has to do so that his life could be successful for him and also his family.

Jacqueline Mendoza also plans on keeping education in her life. Although she also plans on opening a hair salon, she still wants to be in school and study nursing while she is still making her life goals. “I really want to open my hair salon, but I still want to go to school and do both things at the same time.” said Jacqueline.

However, a lot of seniors plan on opening businesses and doing other things. There are also seniors that plan on just working after high school.

“I really don’t plan on going to college because I just want to work and begin my life,” said Senior George Mujica.

Maybe for some, working may be a better plan than on going to college. Some seniors just plan to live their life working and not letting nothing else get in their way.

by G.O.

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