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NJROTC 2018/2019 Social Officer

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Have you ever wondered about being a cadet in NJROTC? Why the cadets always seem to perform so well? Why the NJROTC community seems like a family?

From the very start most cadets are apprehensive about joining. The program can be intimidating at first sight, but once a cadet attends a few practices, then they usually never look back. They become dedicated to the program.

Michelle Cardenas, sophomore, was no exception to being wary of joining. Her interest was first peeked after witnessing an exhibition performance. She also wanted to play soccer, but when she showed interest in NJROTC, she got put into the class. From her first practice, she knew ROTC was what she wanted to be in.

She is on the PT team, doing sit ups, push ups, and running, the academic team, and the drill team where she does unarmed exhibition and regulation. She was very proud to win State and compete in Nationals.

“I had to learn a lot for State and even more for Nationals. All the practice and preparation keeps me dedicated,” said Cardenas.

She is so grateful to be involved in a program that is like family.

“We’re always together which means we don’t always get along but that’s how a family is. We all build bonds and know each other so well. I think that’s why we perform so well because we all know what each other will do without having to think about it.” Cardenas said.

She will be the new Social Officer for the 2018/2019 school year. This means she will organize social events NJROTC will attend. She strives to do her best for the team and always brings her all.

She plans to go to A&M after high school where she will continue the ROTC program. She wants to get her education and go into the Navy after college so she can become an officer.

By C.S.

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NJROTC 2018/2019 Social Officer