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2019 Mr and Miss BHS

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2019 Mr and Miss BHS

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Ariel Mauricio and Peace Onwuegbuchu won 2019 Mr. and Miss BHS at the pageant on May 22 in the auditorium.  Both juniors were crowned by the 2018 Mr. and Miss BHS, Michael Duran and Skylar Mercer.

Contestents competed in different areas to earn the highest scores.  At the pageant, each contestant had to give an impromptu answer to a randomly drawn question.  Once the scores were totaled, the winner was announced.

Mr. and Miss BHS serve as school leaders and ambassadors to the community.  While it is an honor to win, these student leaders will work hard next year.

“I deserved to be Miss BHS because I am in a lot of clubs for the school, so I help with managing events and giving students attention. I am a person who loves to volunteer to help around the school or even the community. I’m not the type to win because of popular votes, but I won because I showed students that I have the strength to make us better.” Peace said.

Peace will bring important skills to her role next year as Miss BHS.

“I believe it’s because of how much leadership I show to others and being able to lead them to do better in their work. I like to listen to others opinion and take it in consideration, I like to able to discuss with other students about what needs to be done and what we can do to improve it,” Peace said.



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2019 Mr and Miss BHS