Bush’s 18th Year

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Three weeks ago marked the 18th year since George Bush High School opened up in August of 2001.

This school year started off welcoming returning students, freshman, and even our new principal, Ms. James. Although many students miss the former principal, they will still have a great year and practice all of the wise words and advice given by Dr. Crear, and some students are excited to meet and get to know Ms. James and to see the changes she has in mind.

“I haven’t met her personally yet, but the assembly was a good way to get to know more about her,” said sophomore, Steve Hernandez. “So far the only real changes I have noticed are that we can have a headphone in while walking in the hallways, and that after fourth period ends we can go straight to A lunch. I think it’s a good idea to let us wear headphones in the hallway since it was such an issue last year.”

With Harvey, that hit a little over a year ago, it can be hard to get new teachers and students to attend.

“I still don’t have a first period teacher. For my history class, we’ve had the same substitute since the first day of school. When asked when we’re going to get an actual teacher, we are informed that they definitely have not forgotten about us, but it is hard to find a teacher that is qualified and that has the right personality fit for us,” said senior, Oluchi Fintan.

“I’m a senior now. I’ve been here since I was a freshman and it is really exciting yet sad to be on my last year. It’s a certain type of nostalgia that mixes with happiness. I can’t imagine life after high school but I’m certainly glad it’s coming anyway.” said senior, Gabby Corona.




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