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Mr. Kudolis has been teaching at Bush for 11 years, using his amazing teaching skills to make math a little bit more understandable.

“I love Mr. K’s class,” senior Gabby Corona said. “He does make learning easier. He’s always ready for tutorials any day, and he makes notes easy to understand. He even said himself, that his past students still use his notes in college.”

Mr. Kudolis has been teaching for 25 years total. Starting in Louisiana, he has taught Algebra, Geometry, and Consumer Math.

“Last year wasn’t particularly a good school year. Too many students were copying instead of actually learning,” Mr. Kudolis said. “I’ve always loved teaching Pre cal, it’s really easy to teach, but it was hard to learn. My favorite subject in school was Math, with Science as a close second.”

Mr. Kudolis has no plans to leave Bush.

“I am divorced. I have two step children, and one biological child. I love teaching and find it a very rewarding profession. Touching just one life in a positive matter makes all the hard work and frustrations worth it,” Mr. Kudolis said.

By D.R.

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