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Jason Hall, Professional Engineer

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Jason Hall, Professional Engineer

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“What comes to mind when you think about the oil industry?” “Pollution!”

Recently Science National Honor Society had an amazing guest speaker. He had a lot of information to give for students looking to dive into the engineering field.

Jason Hall is from a small city in Texas. He went to Texas A&M University to major in industrial engineering. He has been through multiple engineering cross training. He stated that engineering is all about difficult and multi-placed problems.

“You can move from one type of engineering to another; things we learn now are applicable to all types of engineering. We are using technologies that didn’t exist 10 years ago.” Mr. Hall said.

Mr. Hall shared some of the benefits and experiences he has has through engineering. He was able to receive his MBA from Lincoln Nebraska. He has traveled  to 5 continents and has been able to work with artificial intelligent technology. Most recently, Mr.Hall was able to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. He was able to create an app to send aid for people in need.

Science National Honor Society president,  senior,  Zainab Abolade said, “the club has opened my eyes to the STEM world.”

She is very excited about the year to come, and plans to choose other speakers to cater to everyone’s needs, so the club can reach out to a wider range of students.

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Jason Hall, Professional Engineer