International Peace Day

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On Friday September 21, 2018, the Bronco student body dressed up in their 70s hippie costumes to celebrate International Peace Day. Flared pants and tie dye shirts were commonly seen on students walking the halls throughout the day.

Ayriah Barr, senior, enjoyed the different outfits.

“It was a fun day to dress up in vintage clothes. I think it was interesting to see people’s take on peaceful hippies,” Barr said.

According to the UN, the purpose of the day is to “strengthen the ideals of peace both withing nations and among people.”

Justin Batista, junior, learned something new because of the celebration.

“I thought peace day was more of a spirit day, but I learned that it is actually a real day. I can’t lie, I think its very cool for us to dress up and promote peace,” Batista said.

The Bronco student body is ready for more spirit days and more opportunities to promote days like this.




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