Our Color Guard

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Bold, beautiful, and bright. The George Bush High School Color Guard team are off to an amazing start this school year. They are eight games in and look forward to the upcoming football games. Their UIL season began Tuesday, October 23rd. The color guard team is preparing for upcoming events such as winter guard competition, and tryouts are open to everyone this fall.

“We have had stand dances, football games, and pep rallies that are amazing, and we have made a lot of memories,” said junior, Chandrell Powells.

The girls have worked tirelessly and have grown tremendously close throughout the time they have been together. Throughout the time the girls have been on color guard there has been a lot of changes and improvement. They have been pushed beyond their limits and have grown as a family.

“Color guard is a lot of hard work, sweat, blood, and tears, literally. Also bruises, a lot of bruises, and jammed fingers,” said senior, Mackayla Sanders.

As the football season comes to a bittersweet end, the seniors reflect on the years they have spent on color guard.

“I have been impacted tremendously, because these girls are like my little sisters. They always keep me laughing because of the stories they tell. It’s going to be sad when the year comes to an end, but we are going to do big things and go to big places,” says Senior and captain, Chandale Powells.

We send best of wishes to our color guard and know they will certainly go far.

By P.O.

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