Homecoming Tailgate!

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Beginning at 4 p.m. sharp after school on October 17th, 2018, the Homecoming Tailgate took place. It was a mellow event that was meant to rile up everyone for the football game. However, due to unpredictable weather, the tailgate was located in the Commons of our prideful George Bush High School.

“The fact that it was inside this year definitely changed the vibe of it. Not that many people even knew it was still happening,” sophomore, Jason Villaflor said.

There were many clubs/organizations that attended the tailgate to sell cuisine and to promote what their purpose. AVID sold chicken and waffles, DECA sold their infamous cookies, Criminal Justice sold hot dogs, chips, and beans with rice, and ASA, as well as the Bronco Cheerleaders, sold chips and candy.

With a combined performance from the cheerleaders and the drumline, the pep rally commenced. With a smaller crowd, drumline comments say that the tailgate was not as rowdy as it had been previous years.

“Yeah, it seemed really uneventful to me since not much was going on. Only the cheerleaders, us, and ASA performed,” junior, Lance Donovan said.

The tailgate ended with the Homecoming Court being introduced and those in attendance dancing the hour away.

By T.C.

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