Bush vs. Travis

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The Bronco Varsity team plays its rival, Travis High School this week. The boys have hit a very tough bump in the road, losing 4 in a row. The Broncos will not be able to advance to the playoffs for the first time in 3 years. However, the season is not over. This is the game that the whole district is looking forward to. Varsity team captain, Jamal Morris had a few words to say about the game.

“It’s tough losing 4 games in a row, especially since I’m so used to the winning tradition and going to the playoffs. However, my senior year isn’t over yet. We still have Travis. I could lose every game this season, but as long as we beat them I would sleep happily,” said varsity team captain, Jamal Morris.

The Broncos will take on the Tigers at Hall Stadium Friday, November 9th at 7 o’clock.

By J.M.

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