FBISD Diversity Conference

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On Wednesday, October 24, Fort Bend ISD hosted its annual Diversity conference. Students from every school in FBISD came together to discuss friendship, communication skills, and overall school issues. There were guest speakers such as: Dr. Gerald Blumenthal, Blake Fly, and FBISD Superintendent Dr. Charles Dupre.

The day started out with a powerful poem by Kempner High School student, Dana Fattouh, about diversity and what it means to be from Houston. 

After a brief introduction about the plans for the day, students were broken into groups consisting with high schoolers from every school where they were given activities to help unify and understand each other. They talked about diversity, adversity, and how the administration and students can help better the school. 

Everyone came back together for lunch. New friendships and bonds were made, but as soon as the chanting started, everyone cheered their own school’s name loudly with pride.

When lunch was finished, students went back into their groups where they finished their activities.

By I.B.

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