George H. W. Bush

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On Friday, November 30th, 2018 President George H.W Bush died at his home in Houston, he was 94. The 41st president was a great man who steered the nation through a tumultuous period in world affairs.

Our very own high school was named after him.

During the school’s first year, President Bush came to the school to be honored and meet the staff and students. There were few teachers who received the honor of meeting the President. Two of those teachers still work at Bush to this day.

Master Sargent Mannings was first to meet him, and loved every bit of him.

“He was a great man who loved the kids. It was very saddening to get the news of his passing.” Master Sargent said.

Another teacher who received the honor of meeting him was World History professor, Ms. Raeke. Ms. Raeke is well in tuned with politics and our nation, so the information hit her in a soft spot.

“It was very hard hearing the news. However, at the same time we all knew he wasn’t in very good health, so we all kind of braced ourselves for the time.”

Ms. Raeke was here when President Bush gave his speech.

“After his speech he was running late on schedule. However, he still made time to visit the NJROTC program, especially since he was a veteran. It showed that he really cared for the kids.” Raeke stated.

President Bush was led to rest at Texas A&M University. The Broncos paid tribute to him with a memorial right in front of the school.

By J.M.


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