Best Buddies’ Elf!

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On Friday, November 14th, 2018, Best Buddies hosted a movie showing during 6th and 7th period. They watched the movie Elf in the auditorium and it cost 2 dollars to get in.

Best Buddies is an organization meant to group special needs students with the regular student body and to build long lasting friendships. Members of the organization are glad to be in it and enjoy lending a hand to others.

“I’m in Best Buddies because I love the fact that I can help students that would otherwise be left out or isolated,” junior, Haja Dumbuya said.

They showed the movie as a fundraising activity for sending the President of the organization to a leadership camp. But this isn’t the only grouping they will hold! Please be sure to keep a look out for any other events and feel free to attend.

By T.C.


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