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The 2018 -2019 Student Body President, Emily Hernandez is currently a senior here at George Bush High School. Apart from being the the StuCo president, she is also a varsity soccer player for the Broncos, vice president of Choir, an officer for the Spanish Honor Society and member of the National English Honor Society.

All these extracurricular activities are time consuming, but Emily likes it.

“My extracurriculars do take up a lot of my time and energy, but being so involved with the school is truly worth it.” said Hernandez.

As an officer of many organizations, Hernandez has many different responsibilities.

“As president of Student Council, my job is to oversee all our general meetings to make sure everything runs smoothly, to make the agenda and to run our officer meetings. My job is to make sure the council succeeds as a whole.” said Hernandez.

Emily is very busy dealing with both extracurriculars and keeping up with her school work, but she knows how to manage her time wisely.

She is determined to finish what she needs to do.

“Balancing my extracurriculars with my grades isn’t easy at times, but it requires a lot of time management. Even if I’m completely drained, if I homework to do, I have to set my mind to it and tell myself that I need to finish my work no matter what,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez is very excited for that is coming this school year. She is pleased with her first semester of senior year and is happy to see the second semester come and show her new things.

“My first semester of senior year has been great, and I can’t wait to see what the second semester has to bring.” said Hernandez.

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