How to Prep for your Finals

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While exams may be a breeze for some students, it can be stressful and demanding for others. Some ways to prepare for exams are to start studying in advance. Give yourself enough time to review what will be on the test. Also, study the style in which the test will be in. For example, if it’s multiple choice you should quiz yourself.

Itohan Odeh, a senior at George Bush High School, has tips on how she preps for her final exams.

“Two weeks in advance I receive all my reviews and I spend an hour on each subject. The day before the exam I get a good night sleep, so I can be refreshed for the next day. I also pray and leave my test scores in God’s hands!” said Odeh.

Caroline Caguioa a senior at George Bush High School, has advice on how to study for your final exams.

“I make a study schedule with each of my subjects in it. I use index cards with shortcuts and turn off my phone while studying so I don’t get distracted.” said  Caguioa.

Studying for your final exams can require time and effort, so choose a path that works for you.

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