Advice for Freshman

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The first semester is now over, and everyone is ready for the long awaited Christmas Break. Sstudents will be back in January 2019. For many of us, the first semester was filled with work and the same faces we’ve seen over the years, but for others, it was the first semester spent in high school ever.

The freshman this year have just finished their first half of high school, and there are many things that could help them have a much simpler and easier school experience.

The first tip would be to always do your work and never procrastinate. Once you start to procrastinate, it becomes a habit that’s very hard to break out of and could last for years.

Don’t fall into peer pressure. In high school, there are going to be many things that are suggested to you, and you may find it easier to go with the majority instead of standing alone. There isn’t anything wrong with having life experiences, but you should always make sure you are doing what you want to do, that you are safe, and that what you partake in wouldn’t get you into any trouble.

Counselors are great to talk to. A lot of the time we are too scared to talk to individuals we are closest to, and you will find it easy to talk to someone you know would never judge you or would share anything you confide with them with any other student.

Don’t stress out too much. The truth is, although school work may pile up and get to be too much, you’ll find it easier to tackle in parts. Just break it down and relax with a nice snack.

By D.R.

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