Teachers Vs Students basketball

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Friday, December 14th 2018, the teachers and students faced off in a friendly game of basketball. Coach Smallwood came out hot, scoring the first 9 points for the teachers. The crowd was going wild.  The coach for the students, Erick Young tried to call timeout, but the teachers claim there aren’t any timeouts. The students were not playing with a lot of energy or hunger to be the first team to beat the teachers. With the referee being a teacher, the game was a little thrown off. Teachers got cheap fouls that theplayers did not get. The last minute of the game was crazy and happened way to fast. The students had the ball down by 1 and the referee Coach Thornton stripped the ball from Payton Richard who scored 9 of the students 19 points that game. After striping the ball, Coach Thornton called game making the score 20-19 and  giving the teachers the victory.

By E.Y.

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