Jamal Morris

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The 2018 football season has come to an end for the Bush Broncos. This year, the Broncos had two exceptional captains that lead the team to many victories, Jamal Morris and Erick Young. Both young men have much talent and have been committed and signed to different universities for football. Safety, Jamal Morris signed to University of Oklahoma.

“I haven’t really gotten into my future,” Morris said, “My whole life, all I knew was football, it took some people to actually sit me down to talk about my future. I’m not completely sure about my future, but I know that my future is going to be bright. I want to start my own training facility where I can train athletes in all sports.”

Morris has been playing football since he was 8.

“I’m originally from New Orleans, Louisiana,” Morris said. “I moved here a couple years after Hurricane Katrina because everything was destroyed. We moved here for a better life, but when I came here I didn’t have any friends. I was made fun of because of the way I talked. In New Orleans we have a different accent than what we have here, so people made fun of the way I talked, and the way I dressed because we had uniforms, so we couldn’t dress freely. That’s when I joined football, football is big in Texas so I was like, ‘Maybe I can make friends playing football,’ and I started playing football just to make friends. It turned into something I really had a passion for and I feel like I could take it far.” 

Motivation is a big part of being successful. It can come in many different forms for different people, but for Morris it’s simple.

“My family motivates me,” Morris said. “I didn’t really come from a lot.  I moved here from New Orleans when I was 8.  Neither of my parents graduated high school, so to be the first one to go to college and to do something productive really means a lot to me.”

Being on varsity was always part of the plan. In middle school, Morris worked hard to be the best player he could be.

“My goal coming out of middle school was to be a freshman on varsity,” Morris said. “I came, played one freshman game and when I went to school the next week and I found out that they moved me on varsity.”

When football is as big of a part in your life as it is Morris’s, it’s bound to teach some lessons to be remembered for a lifetime.

“Football has taught me that pain is temporary, especially when there are people depending on you,” Morris said. “I’ve been going through ankle injuries for two weeks so like I know that the team is depending on me so sometimes you have to fight through pain and adversity in order to succeed which we’ve been doing,” said Morris. “My freshman year I dislocated my shoulder; the thing is the team was depending on me, so popped it back in place and got back in the game.”

Everyone has things that they struggle with internally and externally. Morris explains some things he’s struggled with and has had to overcome.

“Physically, I struggle with my body, because a lot of people tell me I’m too skinny to play football, but lately I’ve been putting on muscle, and my face sometimes breaks out,” said Morris. “Inside, it’s just having a sense of, ‘Am I good enough to do something or be better for someone’. I don’t want to be the person to fall behind. I want succeed so that’s what I struggle with, not knowing whether I’m going to do that or not.”

When the season finally came to an end, Morris shares his thoughts of it and his favorite memory of the year.

“On the overall season, I feel like we underachieved with the talent that we had,” said Morris. “But one of my favorite memories this season was when we beat Langham Creek because they were one of the best teams in the state last year.”

Morris reflected on everything that has happened in his high school football career, and how he feels to have played his last football game as a high schooler.

“It’s bittersweet to have played my last high school football game, because I’m never going to be in an environment like this where it’s just high school students and peers that I know,” said Morris. “I’ve been on varsity for 4 years and it’s finally coming to an end.”

Morris leaves some parting word of wisdom for the team.

“Just follow in my footsteps, and keep on be a leader,” said Morris. “Take the initiative and just be different. Do something different than what we did last year to expect different results from this year.”

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