Science Fair

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On Thursday, January 17th, a science fair was held in the library. Students of all grades partnered up or worked individually on their experiments with a variety of topics.

“For my experiment I wanted to test if the five second rule is effective or not. I dropped five slices of apples on different surfaces and swapped a q tip on the apples after.” Freshman Luna Parkinson said. “I put them in a Petri dish and after conducting my experiment my results were that the five second rule isn’t accurate at all.” She also says the most bacteria came from concrete.

Other students conducted different experiments, such as 9th grade student Angelica Pantigoso, who tested the salinity effect of different temperatures and how density effects how fast salt dissolves.

“For my experiment I wanted to test if ripe fruits contain more Vitamin C than unripe fruits. My hypothesis was that they do, and I was correct.” Sophomore, Jackelin Aguilar said. “The reason why is because since they are on the tree longer, they get the same amount of Vitamin C that the tree has as well.”

“I am very excited about today. We have foods such as subway sandwiches, fruits, drinks and chips. We separated the library into two parts, those who are in ninth grade, and the rest on the other side. The experiments differ from physics, chemistry, engineering, astronomy and more. We have invited community members who are experts on science, and professionals in this field.” Science Fair host, Mrs. Veranani, said.

By D.R.

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