Academic Decathlon

On Friday, January 11th, 2019 and Saturday, January 12th, 2019, the Academic Decathlon team competed at the first invitational tournament of the year. The team consisted of three teams, varsity, scholastic, and honors. Varsity is the lowest level and Honors is the highest. Honors consisted of 12 people, Scholastic consisted of 4 people and Varsity consisted of 2 people. Each team is determined by their unweighted GPA. Only three people are allowed on each team for regional, so this was the competition that determined those three people. The invitational consists of a interview, a pre-prepared speech, an impromptu speech and 7 tests regarding each subject over the year’s topic. They all worked extremely hard, spent endless hours studying for each test, and reciting their speech till it’s like second nature.

Brian Wong, senior, felt like he could’ve studied more to help himself perform better.

“There was a lack of preparation in my first competition and if I had put in more effort, my scores could have competed with those at other schools,” Wong said. ” Right now, I study every night and take notes on things I find important. I work hard and use the fear of letting my team down as motivation.”

Aderayo Adebowale, senior, is the co-captain of the academic decathlon team. This is her second year on the team and she felt more prepared compared to last year.

“Math and social studies were easier than last year because we got through more of the packet than we did last year,” Adebowale said. “But science was better last year because it was more focused on diseases and Ms. Darling explained them really well.”

Michael Rivera, senior, enjoyed his experience at his first academic decathlon competition.

“My favorite part was being in the break room with the rest of the team, telling each other about our experiences and freaking out together,” Rivera said. “I feel very comfortable with everyone in there. It made the experience a lot less stressful and more fun.”

By V.N.