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The Visual Arts Scholastic Event, otherwise known as VASE is an educational regional art competition similar to a UIL competition. The competition gives students a chance to enter their own artwork created in their respective art classes. Students here at George Bush High School have already started working on their sculptures, photo edits, paintings and other forms of artwork. One the art teachers, Mr. Blome, looks forward to what these students are creating.

“It’s really cool to see what these kids come up with for VASE. Somehow it really brings out their creativity and its cool to watch them create art out of clay or whatever material they’re using.” Blome said.

Students are judged based off their originality of the concept, their technical work, their understanding of the TEKS for visual art and their own interpretation of the concept of their work.

Senior Michael Rivera has seen some of the projects that his classmates are working with in class and is impressed.

“Some people’s ideas are pretty nice, one girl I know is doing a grenade with a dollar sign where the pin is supposed to go. Others are doing drawings of pictures they’ve taken. It’s kind of interesting,” art student Rivera said.

The students participating will travel to another high school on early February to showcase their art.

By G.V.

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