Getting Ready For Competitions

It’s January 2019 the start of an exciting new year and semester. During the spring semester many of our school’s clubs and organizations participate in different competitions around the district. Competitions may be tough and intimidating, but in the end they are almost always rewarding.

Academic Decathlon captain Jessica Odutola has information on how to mentally prepare for competitions.

“We put our blood sweat and tears into preparing. Before I go out and compete I make sure my mind is completely settled. The long nights of studying pay off in the end, so make sure work hard and efficiently.” said Odutola.

A member of the debate team, Payton Oriakhi, has advice on how she gets ready for competitions.

“Before our competitions we become aware of our topics by going over them in order to be successful.” Oriakhi said.

Most are nervous before competing; this natural. The goal is to gain confidence, so that fear will disappear. Remember it’s in our DNA Broncos!

By T.P.