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 On Tuesday, January 22 2019, George Bush High school introduced the Laptop Lending Library to their school. It is way to allow their students, who my not have access to technology at home, to have access to a computer outside of school. It comes equipped with internet so the students will be allowed to go on the web with the laptops. To receive a laptop you must complete the laptop lending form, found online on your parents skyward under online forms, and fill our the form in this link. You can pick up the laptop from the library or during Bronco Time. Lastly, you must return the laptop on its due date between 7:00 and 7:30 in working condition. You will be able to check out a laptop for a two week time span. You will also be allowed to extended the due date, depending on availability.

“Laptop Lending is a district initiative, and they have selected the schools with a one-to-one campus, since they are used to having technology,” Librarian Ms.Ellis said. “Many of the school’s students attended Hodges Bend Middle School, where they had the option to check out an iPad to work on their assignments.”

The laptop lending library will be able to keep students up to date on their assignments. Since Bush started using Schoology in the 2017-2018 school year, it has been hard to keep up with classes without access to technology.

“Laptop lending is a good idea, and it all around beneficial for students. It gives them a chance to catch up on missing assignments, or ask questions through Schoology,” History teacher Ms.Murray said.

Technology not only helps kids stay on level with their fellow classmates, it can help them advance to their full potential.

“With laptop lending my peers would have access to online programs like college board and khan academy to study for the SATs. Without access, you can’t study like others can. This project will be able to expand what we do both in and out of the building”, said junior, Tianna Castillo.

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