Feature Story: Hana Duong

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Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes will always be an important part of growing as a person. Today we will take a peek into Senior Hana Duong’s life and see through her eyes.

“It always starts with me struggling to get out of bed.” Duong said.

18-year-old Hana uses work as a supplement for her spare time when not going to school. The grind that she puts herself through in order to afford college is what makes her story all the more interesting.

Working multiple jobs with a clear goal in mind, that is just the kind of person she is.

“Working hard sort of runs in the family,”Duong said.

Her life is practically set before her eyes as she prepares to become a nurse after doing her basics at HCC.

“I figured that if my parents didn’t have to worry about the kind of life style I lived, then maybe It’d fix a few things here and there.” Duong said.

Hana Duong has proven herself to be a hard worker. Without a doubt, an ideal Bush graduate-to-be.

By D.A.

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